Ayahuasca Ceremony

Nelumbo Institute leads ceremonies with the participation of the Spirit of Ayahuasca, in accordance with the everlasting Peruvian tradition shamans of South America. We run them in countries where the use of plants belonging to the Ayahuasca drink is legal.

As a so-called MAO inhibitor, we use a plant called Banistriopsis Caapi, not Peganum Harmala. It is Banisteriopsis Caapi been used for centuries by shamans and it is called “ayahuasca” by them. So it is a plant so important that even the powerful acting DMT – another brew component – has not been established that name by the indigenous people of South America. In our opinion Caapi works more subtly and allows for better handling than Harmala. DMT then becomes less “absolute”. This set brings more gentleness, not taking anything from the insight and purification of body and soul.

Ayahuasca can be helpful especially for people who feel their position as exhaustion of the ego-world.

Always start from the trust to your Self. This is what Ayahuasca teaches first of all.

If your relationship with the ego is already at a level of burnout, it you may assupt that anything constructive you do, you not learn anymore, if you have used all the possibilities of knowing the world by the mind, getting love through the ego stategies – try another way. Ask yourself why or to whom you trust more than the voice in your head. And then go and follow the instructions. Even if this is not the final choice, it always takes you somewhere further than repeating loops that ego offers.


Every trip with the holy Spirit of the the substance is different.
Aya has a different broadcasts for everyone.
The one below, we’ve found as particularly
universal and suitable for all travelers.
The broacast was received by Easy,
asking the Spirit of Ayahuasca of the most vital issues
for beings living on Planet Earth in transition times.


Have you ever checked how many sounds are there in a silence at once?
Did you hear what is hidden beneath the surface of the sound of music,
words, and even the silence itself? This metal, rings-like sound
of the basics of reality, primeval melody of space,
this beautiful sound of childhood lullabies, pampered bliss
of the purest oooOMmmm. Listen to it when you go with me,
and you’ll always understand



Does it appear to you to learn through the I-Ching on your way? Trust it! Do you feel to learn the Tarot? Go for it!

Do you trust the teacher? Listen to her/him carefully and act her/his message. Is yoga your vocation? Practice it daily. Do you trust a friend? Follow his advice! Be that what he says as best you can! One thing is certain – you will find yourself in another new place, you become a different, richer person.

And – what’s most important – you’ll experience that you can cross yourself, or else – you can go elsewhere, beyond what you ever called “self”.

Just do not try to follow the voice of the ego at the same time but of whom you trust deep down. Do not be a “lukeworm”. Do not attempt to simultaneously listen to the advices and yet question them. Do not haul a handbrake while you press the gas pedal! Decide that this is an experiment. You can always come back. But, if you do not find where your trust leads you, how can you find out who you really are?

You can always go back to where you started the journey… But where was it? When did you start? Who started it? Do you see? Your journey has no end, because it is circling around yourself, constantly learning about you from many different points of view. And finally once you will stop to look. You will see that anything that was ever been searched is the one who is searching for. The one who openes the door is the one who is knocking.

The message of the Spirit of Ayahuasca, May 2014

“The most crucial care of this days is to be sure, that in every kind of existence you must not only see a God, an infinite being, but also give him/her the feeling that you really see him/her, right now, as he/she is! This is the greatest thing you can give: the presence for the pure nature of all living things. You can not just love people, animals and plants… who would forbid you also to love the items? You can still bless them and be grateful for the very fact that they serve you in many ways, you can give them names… Because all what exists can get your unlimited love. Otherwise it is limited! Do not avoid therefore to be love, do not hesitate to let others know that this is how it works – regardless of the arguments of ego.

Wherever you are, wherever your soul may wander and go, take care only about this one thing: that anyone who meets you may feel really important and beautiful. To make other so every here and now. For you. This one particular act of love is worth more than the whole sea of spoken abstract, beautiful words about love.


Love always and all the best as you can and leave the rest to their course… There’s nothing more you can do. The fact that there is something more can convince just ego. It’s that simple: the greatest thing you can give ever to anybody it your attention. Watch out to who or what do you give it!