Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to start the conscious creation of reality?

We are sure of existence of many (potentially infinitely many) realities. Though usually there is only one legal and licensed version of reality in given time and space. Surprisingly many of various groups of people agree on the existence of this “reality”, or rather its version. Science roughly calls such “reality” a valid paradigm. In the computer programming language it is called the interface.

Potentially however, all of us can “log in” to a countless number of parallel realities, or alternative realities and we do this on the daily basis. But we can consciously choose them only when our mind stops being reactive. When we stop reacting like well programmed machines, like cleverly directed consumers - then we start to be creative. We are aware of making a choice. And, indeed, we literally always choose and create our reality, but not always do we know it. This small detail makes a huge difference.

It all literally comes down to the vibrations or frequency, which is also confirmed by the newest discoveries of neurobiology and physics. Machines (which we sometimes unconsciously are) work upon certain frequencies and attract certain frequencies as well. This is why staying in the given reality is nothing else but the choice of particular vibration, which manifests itself as a self-confirming prophecy – because you attract only this, what you are yourself. And that means precisely what you desire or… what you are afraid of.

What are you? Have you ever had an impression of being deceived? Who are you?

There is no answer to this question in the discursive language. It is an Experience that need to be felt. Anatta, non-self. I am, neti neti. Our name: True Self Inquiry refers to this inexpressible answer.

This investigation eventually connects with the creation of a reality alternative to the one we used to recognize as the only true one until now. We always move towards the edge of possibility, towards the new. Our perspective in transgressive and transpersonal. We presume that as humans, all of us strive after the increase of our experiences, after the verification of our limits and potentials. Therefore, while standing on the edge that we have just reached, we still ask ourselves: what else would be possible?

By asking we help you ask yourself. We help you to do what is the most difficult: staying within this question. With no answer. Without allowing the Talker in your head to open its mouth. Why? So you can see what Alice has seen on the other side of the

You can always return and forget. You can always choose the blue pill just like the main character in the “Matrix” movie and like millions of main characters in the Matrix’s reality, or – as Jean Baudlillard would have it – the reality of simulacra.

How do I know if I can trust you?

We begin helping others with their grow from ourselves. And therefore we use two basic general principles - ethics and self-discipline, as well as many verified particular rules. The most important of them are listed below:

Gratitude for every “here and now”.

Respect for our Parents and lives they represent.

Appreciation for our Masters and the views they represent.

Mindfulness – associated mostly with our states of mind and intentions.

Transparency of our methods and the goals associated with them.

Honesty in the therapeutic relation – particularly in regards to not taking advantage of our roles.

Continuous enhancement of our skills and self-verification (supervision).

Lack of addictions – optimally from anything: identity, recognition, prestige, money, food, substances, etc.

Lack of mission – anyone, anytime.

Lack of pressure – to do anything.

Openness to anything that speeds up the growth process.

Self-allowance for any abundance.

In our opinion the MINDFULNESS as a basic ability and the attitude ensuring being HERE AND NOW is the most important from them all. Attention or the mindfulness also guarantees an uninterrupted connection with life, lack of unnecessary concepts, calming down the emotions, the awareness of choices and self-responsibility.

Why do we only do the things that work?

Because we don’t need the outer sources of powering so-called self-esteem. Because a pretending that “there are serious problems which cannot be solved” is a waste of time. Furthermore, we are non-commercial, anti-corporate and against the patriarchal economy focused on profit for the price of making people believe in their needs or lying to them about the ways of these needs fulfillment.

Also, we can afford this luxury because we don’t have to work for our upkeep. We could sit on a terrace or in a gazebo for days (which we occasionally do) and gaze into the distance relishing the birds’ trills in the thick of green, or observe winter zen of still nature and a picture of some white majestic rock, or stare at the ocean’s vastness delighting into the fado song of its turbulent waves. However, looking in the silence at the breathtaking sunsets by the ocean, listening to the evening birds’ song, breathing the aroma of blossoming orange trees, we connect with the Totality of Existence. And then we come at the clear call for action. So we get up, go, and do our service to the light to the best of our ability – with confidence and humility. We act upon the invitation from the Spirit and people, because of our over-abundance and need to share with others.

We act, because things that we do simply bring joy to our hearts, develop our skills, and give us the feeling of being a part of much bigger (global) process of expanding the consciousness and contributing to a great quality change of life on our Planet.

Why do I hear about you just now?

We are sure that right people reach us at the right time. Learning from our experiences we know, that information is the energy and its flow is based not only on elements of marketing, but also on emotions, opinions, and experiences of people who aim for something or simply know what they recommend and to whom.We also believe that people don’t need to be talked into their true needs. You reach us when you are ready.

One remark: some participants register for workshops or a therapy only to prove themselves, that they intend to stay where they are. They may indeed be surprised at our session, but we prefer not to go through such test. Take it under consideration.

We await those, who are ready to go with us through a unique journey, full of mutual respect and sincerity. We await Friends of Nelumbo Family, even for the rest of our lives. We await You.

Do whatever you do anyway. Do it consciously for a moment.

The power of this method cannot be overestimated. Why? Because it immediately moves the body/ mind into the Power of Here and Now. And this means that moving into the pure being, into the ultra-onceptual space, to the place in which you cannot be

It is strange, that the breathing is still legal or nobody came up with the idea of establishing the one and only permissible way of oxygen absorption yet! ;)

When we learn to remember about breathing, we can begin – step by step and consciously – to eat, shop, look, meet, communicate, think, feel… to consciously create our reality. And consciously take part in creating the New Earth. Why not now?

Why not you?