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together with Easy Grace.

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The previous experiences of transpersonal activities conducted by the Nelumbo Institute in numerous Restarting® groups, Systemic Mandalas® groups and other workshops has shown that thanks to the participation in classes, many people:

experienced total release from blockages and fears
gained the power and courage to create their own reality
has rediscovered their professional path
got rid of health problems
got rid of financial problems

Holistic Transpersonal

What You’ll Learn


dr Izabela Kopaniszyn (Easy Grace)

In my own words I am a founder of Nelumbo Institute True Self Inquiry. I am a passionate of unlimited consciousness. I work as a psychotherapist, transpersonal psychologist, sociologist, coach of holistic life and health as well as a life programmer.

I am a writer and a storyteller. If you have ever seen movie “Ink”, you know exactly what I mean. I love to “disappear” within the silent connection with nature and everlasting now. I am the author of a book: “I, that is Who?”

In my doctorate thesis “A Subject and a Sacrum” and my articles I emphasize the necessity of applying a “new paradigm” in life and science. One that would be aligned with true unlimited possibilities of consciousness field instead of limited materialistic vision.

In my work I apply various techniques allowing for putting one’s mind in a trance state of consciousness such as meditation, dance, etc.I do equally effectively work with individuals, couples, families as well as big groups of people. I am fond of anti-psychiatrist trends represented by Foucault, Sas, Laing, Rogers and also those which state (following Jung, Mindell, Samuels or Ancient East philosophies) that our inner self cannot be separated from the world as the world always reflects the reality of ourselves.

I regularly lead Systemic Mandalas® meetings which are my own and copyrighted continuation of Bert Hellinger’s achievements. I also use regressive techniques based on Stanislav Grof’s method of perinatal framework. I was practicing Buddhist meditations for many years. For some time, inspired by Egiptian tantra, sacred geometry, and Mer-Ka-Ba plane, I’ve been intensively studying ins and outs of working using the sacred geometry.

In association with Nelumbo TV project and nelumbo team I also co-create training films about a meditation, consciousness, growth and therapeutic practices, which are easy to find on You Tube.

I am the author of “speed changes in undisturbed states of consciousness therapy” method called Restarting® I’m mostly fascinated by mindfulness practice. I love conscious creation of reality associated with being co-created by reality. I call this state “an intimate relationship with reality”.

My most significant teachers are: my mom Halina, my husband Lukas and our four amazing children (Baltazar, Ida, Kacper, Lena). I have been inspired by: Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Lee Carol and Kryon, Jeffrey Hoppe and Adamus St. Germain, Alan Watts, Byron Katie, Drunvalo Melchizedek, James Hardt and many others simply extraordinary people, whose names will not fit all in here.

Among my favourite creations is my own relaxation training, which allowed to instruct few thousand people about meditation basics within the years. I give speeches and conduct workshops in Portugal, Poland, UK, Italy and other places all over the world.

Meet our guests:


Full range of Holistic
Transpersonal Studies

Getting to know the principles of reality algorithms (“interface” and “html”)
Discernment of the various levels of information matrix (personal codes, family codes, nation, planets, karmic nodes, etc.)
Observation of interactions in systems: family, business, personality, health, nation and the globe (homeostasis, emergence, feedback, etc.)
Understanding the spiritual limits of freedom (responsibility)
Ethical aspects of therapeutic work
Diagnosing by the student carried out under supervision
Experiencing synchronicities (basic forces and interactions: dreams, numbers, intuitions, events, words, etc.)
Diagnosing personality based on observation (Enneagram, Hellinger Settings)
Identification of methods of self-organization of structures
Basics of contact with intuition and the Higher Self (methods of turning off the “talker”, listening and observing signs)
The orders of “success” and “failure” (programming experiences)
The one and only studies
in Europe where transpersonal
theory is combined with practice.
Full participation
in the study

Deposit the entry fee of € 965 by January 15, 2018 to guarantee the place.

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Izabela Kopaniszyn
mBank: 30 1140 2004 0000 3712 0631 9125
IBAN: PL30 1140 2004 0000 3712 0631 9125

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Participation in the study:
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Deposit the first installment of € 150 by January 15 to guarantee your place.

Deposit account:

Izabela Kopaniszyn
mBank: 30 1140 2004 0000 3712 0631 9125
IBAN: PL30 1140 2004 0000 3712 0631 9125

In the title of the transfer, enter your name, surname and add: part-hst
(For example: John Smith - part-hst)

Details of the costs of the Holistic Transpersonal Study:

The entry fee for a two-year course of the Holistic Transpersonal Study (together with the participation in the Open Group) is 965 €, payable in two equal installments (until January 15, 2018 and until January 15, 2019). The monthly fee for full participation in studies is payable from January 2018 in 21 installments and amounts to PLN 1180 per month (280 € / month).

ADDITIONAL COSTS: price of stay and board in the resort in time departure classes, travel costs (about 120 € for 3 nights from food, air tickets directly to Lisbon can be purchased at price from 80 € - Ryanair from Krakow or from Warsaw, Wizzair and TAP Portugal from Warsaw).

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