Our primary goal is to take care of well-being of our hearts. Don’t be deceived that there are some “others” – creators of our reality. For it’s here and only here, within me and within you, where the change of the world begins. The world WE ARE.

Nelumbo is being created by dr Izabela Kopaniszyn and the team of people who are enriched by many life experiences, who have also gained some skills by attending university lessons and have received some diplomas, references, certificates...

But most of all, we went on the journey toward our inner deeper selves, deciding to surrender our ego to the realm of the soul, spirit, higher self, heart, God or however you might call It. The uncompromised “YES” to the Reality turned out to be our most important certificate and the best reference for you, we think.

What we can offer to you

We are also aware of the fact that so-called growth sometimes involves pain and sacrifices; however some of those experiences are a must, some are worthy, others are unnecessary or totally useless. That is why we create as much joy, lightness and unity in our life as possible.

Creating Nelumbo we wish to be like nelumbo – like a lotus which is known to be a flower of beauty, a beauty noticed with the first glimpse of an eye.

Some know, that this flower grows in the swamp. Some- more inquisitive - know more, that this flower grows from the seed that has been intensively polished up for a long period of time… Our name refers to that process.

Many of spiritual teachers say that vast majority of people presently living on the Planet Earth are the “old souls” - very well polished seeds who are in need to learn yet another one of their last lessons.

Regardless of what your religious, social or any other preferences are, we help with setting you up onto reaching your goal. We help you with your unique journey through life, help you with your “homework”, so you can do it proceed at ease and with understanding.

And so you too can dance your unique dance with lightness.

Nelumbo Institute founder and chairman:

dr Izabela Kopaniszyn
​Easy Grace

Hallo! I am a founder of Nelumbo Institute True Self Inquiry. I am a passionate of unlimited consciousness. I work as a psychotherapist, transpersonal psychologist, sociologist, coach of holistic life and health as well as a life programmer.

I am a writer and a Story Teller. If you have ever seen moovie Ink, you know exactly what I mean. I love to “disappear” within the silent connection with nature and everlasting now. ​I am the author of a book: “I Meaning Whom? Removing Ego Virus”

Our greatest inspiration

Halinka Kopaniszyn

Born on 12th of June 1946, died on 10th of June 2010, mom of Izabela and Michał, Mistress of Huna and student of Serge Kahili King. An economist by education. For many years she’s been working with Ma-uri (Lomi) therapy, brought to Denmark from New Zealand by Hemi Fox in the middle of 20th century. She has also taught the massage and Hawaiian dances. She’s been soothing physical and mental discomforts of others with true dedication, infecting them with the energy of laughter and lightness. In her teachings she’s shown how not to waste the precious energy by engaging oneself whole-heartily into their practice.

She left between 4 and 5 a.m., after intense purifying process associated with her brain glioma. The funeral took place on the beautiful sunny day of her 64th Birthday in her city of born. Her ashes were scattered around in her beloved Kamesznica in the Beskids Mountains.

Her transmission and heritage is still the main line of guidance and continuous inspiration for Izabela and her work with people.