Firstly – the method of Restarting® contains simultaneously and wholly – the entirety of experiences which come from the body areas (like: athletic build, deportment, posture), psychical (cognitive models, emotions), social (family and cultural codes) and spiritual (innate predisposition, vocation).

Secondly – the method of Restarting® allows to pass over resistance, trials to manipulate the situation and/or to manipulate the therapist, the usage of defensive mechanism, which usually consume the lion’s share of the process of standard psychotherapy.

The method of Restarting® essence is the intensive, psychical detox, which resembles the defragmentation of a hard drive.

Are you fed up with yourself? Do you feel that you are standing at the verge? Is not it like you love the inner freedom but at the same time you are not realizing it? Do you see that in spite of all your past successes, still you do not experience being fully yourself? Do you wake up in the morning without the feeling of ecstasy? ‘The reality’ seems to you fragile, unreal, insufficient? Do you suffer from the very fact of being conscious?

Unique on a global scale – exclusive, fitted to your personality and situation – psychonautic session, will take you into the world of widened perception of an undisturbed state of consciousness. Extremely effective and extremely fast therapy, requires from you, aside from determination, also the severance from all of your business, and from your home, for at least one day and night.

At your disposal, during the intensive work in day and night, will be one therapist, or – in a case of need – even the therapeutic team. The method of Restarting® takes into account the best tested techniques of work with body and mind, which are present in the traditional yoga and shamanism, as well as in the modern psychotherapy and neuropsychology.

The techniques applicable in the therapy (among others): sensory deprivation, dreaming, practices of mindfulness, szine, creation of the new neuronal paths, work with the energomorphogenetic field (Systemic Constellations), psycholytic psychotherapy, uncovering of the perinatal matrixes (by Stanislav Grof), pranayamas and asanas.

The effectiveness of the mentioned practices has been proven scientifically, as well as by the long term experience of the practitioners from various therapeutic schools.

The effects of a few (and in some cases even one) therapeutic session are comparable with these achieved by the many years of traditional psychotherapy.

The course of individual Restarting® therapy in the utmost short:

1. Diagnostic phase
We check up your predispositions and possible contradictions for intensive work based on the method of Restarting®. If the state of your psychophysical health allows – we make the next move. We define together the certain ‘problem’ or the group of ‘problems’.

2. The phase of consultation
We arrange an individual therapeutic program. Your physical attendance is not needed in this process.

3. Contract
We draw up an agreement concerning the goal and the course of therapy, we suggest concrete actions.

4. Realization
We put the program into work, carefully observing the changes and modifying the actions, according to the course of process.

5. Evaluation
In our presence you can verifie and test your gained abilities or takes practical tasks for everyday life.

6. Integration
The start from the new level of experience. Acting in the reality with the new abilities producing tremendous amounts of freedom, joy and thankfulness.

The method of Restarting® allows on the unusual accurate diagnose of the problematic areas and the person’s potentials (so called resources). You will see your own shadow and your own light. You will get to know yourself through your masks, as well as through the pure, unborn, undisturbed Awareness. After passing that process, usually unavoidable become another changes in short term, whilst the effects manifest at once. You create your reality. You are its conscious author.