Addictions restarting ® recovery

We offer the versatile therapeutic help concerning all kinds of addictions, based on the method of Restarting®. The course of therapy in a case of addicted patients cannot be such intensive like it would be in a case of healthy people.

…everything is possible…

On condition that you will trust yourself enough, to do not write off yourself. On condition that you will stop deceiving yourself – your current way is an inclined plane toward death.

Yes, all of us head towards it, but the journey runs more briskly when you walk arm in arm with Life.

Therefore, it is essential to split the actions, which are freeing from addiction, into some stages.

1. We invite the patient/you on diagnostic meeting, during which we estimate the goals and the following course of therapy. Very recommended would be a presence of the patient’s/your relatives (partner, parent).

2. The constellation by the method of Bert Hellinger takes place, it reveals the addicted person family’s entanglements.

3. We work on the personal relation with the addiction. We threat it like an important and close though difficult person, we head to bid it farewell with respect.

4. We work on the creation of new neuron paths, and on the new behaviors which are its results. They replace the automatic addictional models.

5. We work on bringing into effect the new relations with environment, and the creation of the new image of ‘I’. Here again, very recommended is the participation of the patient’s/your relatives.

An addiction is not only YOUR (HER/HIS) problem. It is the problem of all the system (family). IT IS NOT YOU (HE/SHE) WHO IS THE ‘PROBLEM’.

Investment: individually, depending on the scale of problem, diagnosis and prognosis.